Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I am still here. I've been in survival mode, though. Stressed out even though I look pretty "normal" on the outside.

Survival mode is like "Alyssa Lite," still performing basic functions but my capabilities are limited--especially in anything social. I still do post on Facebook, but I may not be functioning well enough to private-message or answer emails. In person, I will smile (if I can) and be agreeable, but I won't be too exciting or initiative. I'll probably be short and sweet, too.

I wish I could keep posting blogs and YouTube videos regularly, but making anything worth reading/watching is a pretty hefty task for Alyssa Lite. So I hope that my occasional Facebook statuses or silly comments are enough for now, and potentially make you smile.

While I'm here and still able to type, I may as well update you all on life stuff. Sometimes I have to be reminded to do that...
Me: "Wait, people are interested in my crap? Is that normal? Because I don't go sniffing around in other people's business unless they have cookies"

Anyway. I graduated college. More overwhelming than exciting because it's change. Also my older brother got married and now my whole family is living together totaling at 7 people in one house. We have a spacious house, but I'm sort of territorial and prefer that the house be empty sometimes so I can act like an alien. I love my family, but too many people in the same space is like being trapped in a room with a lingering fart. 😷

That's Kid Alyssa talking, sorry, I'll put her away. Seriously, trying to start a long conversation with Alyssa Lite is like talking to a drunk person.

So, I shall spare you from the shocking strangeness and leave. Yeah, well I didn't want to smell you anyway. I mean, you're okay when I'm social, but right now I'm not, so go talk to someone else. 😁❤


  1. A lot of change causes a lot of emotions, you shouldn't have to be sorry for the rough times. I apologize a lot as well though, nothing wrong with that though. You should take as long as you need to get comfortable.

    1. Thanks Paxton :) that makes a lot of sense. This definitely happens a lot when things change, which is sort of a daily problem for me, lol. Do you ever get "out of it" when too many things are changing?